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18 Jan 2018    Roslyn
14 Feb 2018    Kilpatrick
16 Feb 2018    The Highlands
24 Feb 2018    Louden Castle
13 Mar 2018    The Temple in Glasgow
17 Mar 2018    The Braids
14 May 2018    Lochaber and Lorn

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Once again we find ourselves nearing the end of another year. As much as I am fully involved in preparing for a family Christmas I do try to find a few quiet times, times for some personal reflection.

This season has brought difficulties to me with Ill health within my family. This has caused me to reflect on the difficulties that many of you face. I have gained great strength from our Christian community of the Temple in Scotland and from its sense of family and I hope this proves the case for all members of our Order.

At this time of the year we as Christians pause, holding our breath, waiting patiently for Christmas morning and the hope and love it brings to us all.

Our Order has at its core charity. As we celebrate Christmas let us not forget charity, not forget the many who face difficulties in their lives whether members of the Order or not.

The original Order looked after the needs of pilgrims. We are all pilgrims on our own journeys and at times we too need the helping hand, the friendly encouragement, the gift of charity and the love others. Hold these thoughts in your hearts.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Good Scottish New Year.

James Hodge, GCT

Most Eminent & Reverend Grand Master

Grand Master
Retiral of Mrs. Jessie Stewart:
Following Mrs. Stewarts retiral from the Great Priory office and her presentation at the
recent Muster on Tuesday 21st November  2017, Jessie has sent the following message:


Just a note to thank you all so much for all the cards, best wishes and gifts that I received on my retirement.


Both Willie and myself thoroughly enjoyed our night last night, it was lovely to catch up with so many of you again, Willie was especially delighted to receive a bottle of 14 year old Balvennie!!!!


I am totally overwhelmed with the cheque I received and can assure you it will be used for something very special, not only that this morning Pringle arrived with more gifts! A beautiful Armani watch and diamond earrings! I am a very lucky woman 


I wish you all a fantastic festive season and all best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018

Jessie x