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A few days ago I was reminded, quite forcefully, that it was now summer, the sun was shining but my comments on this site still referred to Christmas. I obviously have no future as a blogger but I will endeavour to update the Great Priory website a bit more frequently.

Since Christmas I and other Grand Officers have been busy. In March I visited the Great Priory of Ireland. Once again the deputation from Scotland was well received and looked after. On 17th May 2016, accompanied by Grand Secretary I attended the Tri-partite discussions between the three home Great Priories. It was hosted this year by the Great Priory of England and Wales. This is a very worthwhile forum which allows for a full discussion of the issues and concerns facing each Great Priory. The day following that meeting, accompanied by Grand Seneschal and Grand Secretary, I attended the Annual Muster of the Great Priory of England and Wales. Again the deputation was very well received. All of the home Great Priories are committed to a close working relationship.

My schedule of visits to Preceptories concluded by a visit to Mortlach. I thank the Fratres of that Preceptory for their hospitality and for the generous donation to a charity of my choice. I can assure them that the rather unusual personal gift presented to me is being put to very good use. At all my visits I have been impressed by the hospitality provided and for the hard work, dedication and commitment of the members of our Preceptories. The strength of this Great Priory lies in its Preceptories and Districts. My next schedule of visits will be published shortly. Again it could change at very short notice depending on other pressures on my diary.

I enjoy this time of year as it is when Districts hold Church Services. I do look forward to them all. Yesterday I attended the Annual Service held by the District Grand Priory of South East Scotland in Sancta Maria Abbey. Of all our services I look forward greatly to joining in worship with the Cistercian Community. The Abbot and Monks always make us very welcome. I was struck particularly by the Homily on the Eucharist. The presence of families and many children add to the close nature of the occasion. I find the Abbey a very quiet peaceful place which supports personal reflection.

I hope you all have a happy summer and that you gain strength from the summer recess although if my diary is anything to go by the recess gets smaller and smaller each year.

James Hodge, GCT

Most Eminent & Reverend Grand Master

Grand Master
On Monday 2nd November 2015 the Grand Master James Hodge presented a cheque for £1500 to Erskine Hospital which cares for ex service men and women this afternoon, on behalf of the Great Priory of Scotland.

You can discover more about Erskine here