Grand Master's Visits

19 Apr 2018    Rosslyn
12 May 2018   Falkirk centenary
14 May 2018   Lochaber and Lorn
26 May 2018   The North In Scotland
                        District Installation.
22 Sep 2018    Loudoun Castle

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Welcome to the Great Priory Website

I must start this update with an apology for not doing this sooner. It is official I am the world’s worst blogger but I do promise to give updates on a more regular basis.

My year started with continued family illness which meant I had to cancel all my Preceptory visits. I was also unable to attend the Scottish Heads of Orders meeting but Great Priory was well represented by Grand Seneschal and Grand Secretary.

My year did eventually get back on track becoming busy and against my expectations very enjoyable.

I visited two District Musters and four District Church Services. Again, I wish to say how much I enjoyed once again visiting Sancta Maria Abbey. I am always struck by the friendship of the Monks and by the quiet peacefulness of the Abbey.

During the year it was a particular pleasure to attend the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland and to present a cheque on behalf of Great Priory for the work of the Iris Murdoch Centre.

The past year has had many highlights. The visit in April to the Districts of Jamaica, Panama & The Bahamas and The Caribbean were very successful. Whilst there two new District Grand Priors were installed and two new Preceptories consecrated. I thank my wife, Immediate Past Grand Master, Grand Seneschal, Grand Secretary, Grand Organist and his wife and Deputy Grand Steward for accompanying me and giving so much assistance. More of this in next year’s Kalendar.

Within Scotland I installed two new District Grand Priors.

Particular highlights for me were the presentation of 50 and 60 year diplomas to two very deserving Fratres. Another excellent day was the 100th Anniversary Re-dedication of St. Magnus Preceptory in Kirkwall.

There were other highlights throughout the year which I will cover more fully in next years Kalendar.

I have said on many occasions that we are a Christian Community, a family and as that world-wide family we come together to celebrate the birth of our Saviour. As we look to our Fratres and families please remember the lesson of charity and not forget all those who are less fortunate than us.

A new statue has appeared in Glasgow depicting a homeless Jesus on a bench wrapped up in a blanket with only the pierced feet to be seen. What an image to consider and we should all remember that he is out there homeless on a bench in your town, your city.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and every good wish for the coming year.

Where there is darkness it is up to us all to bring light to a suffering world.

James Hodge, GCT

Most Eminent & Reverend Grand Master

Grand Master
Retiral of Mrs. Jessie Stewart:
Following Mrs. Stewarts retiral from the Great Priory office and her presentation at the
recent Muster on Tuesday 21st November  2017, Jessie has sent the following message:


Just a note to thank you all so much for all the cards, best wishes and gifts that I received on my retirement.


Both Willie and myself thoroughly enjoyed our night last night, it was lovely to catch up with so many of you again, Willie was especially delighted to receive a bottle of 14 year old Balvennie!!!!


I am totally overwhelmed with the cheque I received and can assure you it will be used for something very special, not only that this morning Pringle arrived with more gifts! A beautiful Armani watch and diamond earrings! I am a very lucky woman 


I wish you all a fantastic festive season and all best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018

Jessie x