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The third candle of Advent has been lit and we move ever closer to Christmas Day. I wish all the members of the Great Priory of Scotland and their families a very Happy Christmas. I hope at this Christmastime you find joy, peace and love. Christmas brings all Christians together in celebration and our Christian community of the Temple joins in that celebration and gives thanks for the birth of our Saviour.

I don't intend adding any business at this time of the year but on behalf of the Great Priory of Scotland I do wish our re-poned Preceptory of Lima in Peru every good wish for the future, a future I am convinced that will prove successful.

On a sadder note I have to report the dormancy of Glamis Preceptory in the Cape of Good Hope. Our thoughts are with the Fratres who have tried so very hard to keep the Preceptory going. On behalf of the Great Priory I thank them for all their efforts. We can never be complacent for the successful future of our Order requires continued hard work and commitment from us all.

Happy Christmas and every good wish for the new year to you all.

James Hodge, Grand Master

Most Eminent & Reverend Grand Master

Grand Master